I thought yesterday was a rainy day. Today was a complete wash out. There has been a lot of flooding in areas. I got to go outside for approximately 15 minutes before the rain started again. 

Even though I’ve had to be inside pretty much all day it’s been a good day. At least for my diet and exercise. 

I had a silver dollar pancake for breakfast with lite syrup. Then a protein shake for lunch. I also made a pizza out of flatbread. It was only 357 calories for the whole thing.

I practiced some Zumba on YouTube for awhile but due to heavy rain our internet went out. So then I did Zumba on the wii for 45 minutes. I definitely got a good workout in today. Not sure if I learned anything new.

I am 1000 steps away from my goal. So no problem getting those in tonight before bed. I have over 70 active minutes. Very proud of those minutes because of the sweating I did during them. 

How’s your weekend going so far?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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