235  My Struggle………

This weekend has been a total washout. Definitely need a do over. Due to flooding there was no church this morning. There is also no school tomorrow because of standing water.

I did get to go outside for a little while. Not without it raining though. It was either go out while it was sprinkling or stay in for another whole day. My husband, son, youngest daughter and I went for a short ride on the four wheelers. They picked some poke and I walked around to get in some steps. My oldest didn’t get to come home this weekend, she had a paper due. Good thing too since there is so much water on the roads.

I practiced a particular song/dance of Zumba today. I really want to learn this song well for my class. If I’m going to be a good instructor I’m going to have to practice a lot. Hopefully, all my practices will pay off.

My eating has been so so. I didn’t use all my calories. We had pork chops for dinner. I put them in the crockpot overnight on low. They were very moist and tender. I had potatoes in with them but I only had a spoonful of them. I also took cheese and turkey slices and rolled them together. I didn’t miss the bread at all. I have a very bad sweet tooth so in my weakness I had a Twinkie. 

I almost have all my steps in but I’m going to do some walking in place while watching tv later. I have over 70 active minutes and 45 of them minutes is Zumba. If you haven’t tried it you should because it’s a great workout. I haven’t sweated this much since last summer and that was just because it was hot out. 

Have a great day tomorrow!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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