Day 236  My Struggle……….

The sun came out today. Great way to start off a Monday! Looking a little rainy right now, let’s hope it passes. I don’t think the ground is ready for a drink yet.

I practiced a lot of Zumba today. One song over and over that is. I found the music on iTunes so I even practiced without watching the video. I got the moves, I just need to smooth it out to make it perfect. Every now and then I had to think what move was next. It’s a start anyway.

I have in over 15,000 steps and 109 active minutes. All 109 minutes is zumba minutes. I broke it down in two workouts.

Eating so far so good. Lunch was the same as yesterday turkey and cheese. Then for dinner I took one of the lean beef hot dogs ,cut it up and added some of Bushs baked beans on top. So I guess you could say I made my own Beanee Weenees. I also had a pack of 100 calorie cashews and protein shake. Still have calories left for a snack.

That’s my diet/exercise blog for today!

Have a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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