Day 244   My Struggle……..

Good Evening everyone!

How has everyone’s day been? Mine has been somewhat busy but a good one. First thing this morning I had to go to town and get tags for my husbands truck and a few groceries. I also had two coupons for JCP, so I managed to get a new workout outfit for only six dollars and some change. I love a bargain!

My eating has been off a little but it always is when I go town. I didn’t go crazy but I brought home pizza for dinner. I had a slice of cheese pizza and two breadsticks. For lunch I had a plain fish sandwich. I’m still way under calories and my other nutrition goals are on point too! 

I was tired this evening so I ended up taking a nap. I wasn’t going to workout a lot today because I’m still sore from yesterday. I was just going to go over some basic Zumba steps and be fine with it. Once I started though I had a hard time stopping. I worked out 145 minutes straight. First part was learning the moves and the rest was practicing songs. I have over 22,000 steps in and 160 active minutes!

My Fitbit battery is low so I better go charge it!

Have a great day tomorrow!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!!

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