Day 246  My Struggle…….

Today was a rainy day. What does rain make me want to do? Sleep, so I napped after I took the kids to school. Supposed to be cool and rainy tomorrow. Not looking forward to that. At least the rain will help the garden grow.

My college girl came home today! So happy to have her home. It’s only for three weeks then she will go back to school for her summer job. I’m grateful she has a nice job for the summer that will provide room and board. I just wish she was going to be home a little longer.

I did take it easier today with my workouts. My ankles were really sore today. I did a few practice moves and did the three songs I learned four times today. I spaced them out though. I have in about 13,000 steps and 80 active minutes. 

I’ve had to watch my eating today because not only does the rain make me sleepy. It gives me the munchies. I snacked on Almonds and I made my healthy no bakes even more healthy by using stevia instead of honey. Big mistake, I have the liquid stevia and if you use to much it’s too sweet. So I used little and it wasn’t enough. Going back to using honey next time. I still have the munchies so I might make some popcorn because you can eat a lot of it and not worry too much about fat and calories. I buy the kernels and use my microwave popcorn bowl. That way you don’t need any oil or butter. Sometimes I use a 1/2 Tbls of country crock light. 

Hope you have a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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