Day 247  My Struggle…….

Today has been a busy day. I took the kids to school and started laundry. A little after nine I get a message asking me to come to work. I had a load in the washer and dryer. Thankfully my oldest was home today because she was a big help.

I only had to work a few hours then I came home and straightened the house and folded some clothes before going to pick up my kiddos from school. My oldest swept while I was gone and I just had bathrooms left and another load of clothes to fold. Thankfully the house is now clean.

With work and all the cleaning I only did a little bit of Zumba. I got about 14,000 steps with 65 active minutes. Tomorrow, I should have more time to get more active minutes in. 

My eating has been so so , we had spaghetti for dinner. Lunch I just had some cheese, almonds and a mini beef stick. I also took the healthy unsweetened no Bake and spread it with a 1/4 Tbls of peanut butter and that made it much better. It was worth 250 calories. Going to have my fiber one cookie and cashew milk for a snack later.

It’s also been another rainy day and it looks like we have more rain coming!

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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