Day 265  My Struggle………

Today, I played the waiting game. I’m not one who likes to wait on people either. I’m always early for things and I like others to at least be on time. The good news is my heat/air is fixed. He said he’d be here at eleven but got here at two. It’s not so much he was later than planned but he could’ve called.

 Didn’t need the air today, but I’m ready for when the heat comes back. My allergies shouldn’t flare up so much now. The windows being open makes them worse.

I tried to do my Zumba but I kept thinking I heard the heat/air guy pull up. So I would stop and look outside. I have one more song to choreograph and I’m done! I have to get it by Thursday because I work Friday and I’d like to have a week to practice. Tomorrow is awards day at school and after that I’m going to town.

I’ve got in my steps with 87 active minutes. Little better than I have been doing this week. 

My calories are under but my sugar is a little over due to the s’mores we made earlier.

I’ve only got 100 more blog posts after this one! Can’t believe it’s almost been a year since I started this diet/exercise blog. Hope I reach my goal!

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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