Today was not what I planned.

 I guess my great expectations for the day went bad. Or I wonder if the devil read my blog yesterday and decided to throw some obstacles my way.

Since I got to sleep in I thought I get up feeling energized and ready to take on the day. Instead I woke up with pain in my back. So, I had to get out my heating pad for awhile.The weather wasn’t on my side either. It has been a cool rainy day.

A couple hours later I finally decide I’m going to get the laundry done and house cleaned because I work tomorrow. 

I also spent three hours on the computer making Zumba Waiver forms, Zumba Flyers, Zumba CD, and Vacation Bible School signs. This lead to the pain in my neck and shoulders. 

By time I got all this done I realized I needed to get some practice in. I managed to get in 58 minutes. I was still hoping for more but It’s better than nothing.

I’ve been drinking kiwi,lemon, and cucumber water all day to help flush out the bloating I’m feeling today from my cheat day yesterday.

My eating has been good today! I have 10,000 steps in but it will have to do for today. Going to try and get in bed early and pray for a good day at work tomorrow.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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