Day 275    My Struggle……….

What a beautiful day we are having today!

I’m writing this blog early today because tonight after VBS we are having fireworks. So, I won’t be home till late. 

I’ve ate good so far but we are having chips and pizza tonight for snack. Don’t worry I’m planning to eat just one slice. No more than two lol. 

I have in a little over half my steps in with 55 active minutes. I’ll get the rest of my steps in this evening.

I would have a little bit more steps in but my Fitbit isn’t waterproof. I spent about an hour in the pool. Thirty minutes of that I spent walking around cleaning bugs out.

I did good today practicing for my Zumba class Monday. I’m not as nervous but I’m not all that confident either. Two more practice days left!

I better go get ready for tonight! 

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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