Day 276    My Struggle……..

What another beautiful day! 

I am loving this summer weather! Hope your weather is nice where you are.

Today, my youngest and I went to town. There were people all over the place. I forgot it’s the first part of the month and Saturday on top of that.

My diet is still not as healthy as it needs to be. I really need to cut down more on sugar. Everything seems to make my intake to high. Even fresh fruit for that matter. My calories are low but my sugar is high for today. I think we’ve got all the sweets ate now so ,that will help me out. 

If I lived alone I do believe I’d stay at my ideal weight. There wouldn’t be so much temptation in the house and I would only have to cook for me. I’d rather have my family though and be struggling to lose the last ten pounds than be alone. I think this is called compromise lol.

I did get in over 14,000 steps yesterday and I’m still working on today’s. I have in 65 active minutes and about 10,000 steps.

I think I’ll go get into something before the sun goes down!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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