Day 282    My Struggle…….

I never realized how much people either give up or get tired of things so easily. It’s like motivation is hard to come by and once it’s here it doesn’t stay long. I’m included in this. I want to diet but I can’t keep the motivation to do it well. I do the best I can though. Exercise I do well ,but many things didn’t work out. I have the treadmill, elliptical, done the jogging outside and let’s not forget all the fitness games the Wii came out with. Just like everything else they didn’t keep me motivated forever. Some lasted many months but eventually faded. I’m hoping Zumba will keep me happy a long time. Time will tell!

I guess what I’m getting at here is, it’s okay to change one way of eating healthy for another. Like veggies and fruit smoothies one week, salads the next. Trying one exercise and if doesn’t keep you motivated do another instead. Just don’t quit! Because what your looking for could be the next thing you try. You’ll never find what your looking for if you give up. I think that is true no matter what it is your trying to find. 

Now for my diet/exercise post for today.

I got my sugar down for today but my sodium was a little over. I have 1000 steps to do before I meet my goal and 56 active minutes for the day.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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