Day 283    My Struggle……….

Today was a good day!

I went to see my oldest for lunch. We went to eat at a Mexican restaurant. The girls that come to my Zumba class got me craving Mexican food. 

I did good though, I ordered the grilled chicken and vegetables with the queso on the side. Then I made sure to only eat a serving of chips and salsa.

For dinner I had a salad and my youngest and I wanted boiled eggs but didn’t want to wait for them. So, I used my red copper skillet and fake fried them no oil. It wasn’t bad either, the yolk was the same as boiled. Only the white was different.

Now we are sitting by the fire and just finished making s’mores.  I saved up calories for two s’mores.

My calories are good and so is the rest of my nutrition. I’m very happy about this. It’s been awhile since everything was under.

I am just a few hundred steps from my goal. I might be walking in place here in a minute by the fire to get them in. I have 69 active minutes.  Forty five are from practicing a new Zumba song. The rest was from chasing my sons chickens and ducks trying to get them put up for bed. We did it for him because he went with his dad.  Next time my youngest and I decided we was going to just lock them in the fence and he could catch them when he got home. It was a pure hassle for us lol.

That’s all for tonight!

Hope your enjoying your evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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