Day 287  My Struggle…….

Today was much better than yesterday! I feel like I accomplished something today. That always makes my day better. 

I put a pitcher of water in the fridge for today so I could keep track of how much I drank. I’m happy to say I finished all 64 ounces of it. I refilled it and I’m ready to do it again tomorrow.

Last night, I binged on starbursts and a small bag of chips. I didn’t eat a lot but it caused me to go over on my sugar and fat. Stayed in my calorie range though. I managed my fat and sugar today so I can have a snack and not regret it.

I did 1/2 a serving of almonds with cheese today. Then we had beans and fake fried hash browns. I really like I can make fake fried anything in my red copper skillet. Just a little nonstick spray and it’s ready to go.

I almost got in my steps with 45 active minutes. 

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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