Day 288  My Struggle……

I went to town today. It was so packed I thought it was Friday instead of Thursday. I didn’t do much after I got home other than practice Zumba. 

I had my youngest with me and I let her pick where we had lunch. She picked Pizza Hut. I ordered a personal pan veggie pizza. It’s less than 500 calories plus, I don’t eat the edge of the crust. She had the buffet and it looked really good but I hung in there.

I still have 2000 steps to get in but I do have 60 active minutes.

I’ve been doing good drinking my water. I finished another pitcher of water today. Doing much better on my sugar grams but I’m always a few fat grams over by evening.I got everyone a pint of ice cream. I was going to get some halo ice cream for me but I knew I’d eat the whole pint and my sugar level would be outrageous. So, I just took a small bite of theirs. That’s three bites total if you were wondering.

That’s my diet/exercise blog for today!

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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