Day 308  My Struggle…………

Today , I’m trying to get back on track from all the yummy food I ate last weekend and yesterday for the fourth. I figured out that I do consume too much sugar and salt when I eat whatever I want. So, if I am going to make anymore progress, I really need to cut down on these things. Easier said than done!

I think I did pretty good today. I had a protein shake for breakfast. Then for lunch I had zucchini noodles. Dinner was a little harder because we had leftovers. I managed only two-four bites of the bad things. I’m happy to say I have all my calories added up and everything looks good.

I read somewhere that if you crave something, just take three bites. This is supposed to help you not over indulge. This will be my next thing to try. I can say eating in a certain amount of time is good if you don’t go overboard. I kinda went overboard. That being said I need to add the few bite thing in with the no late night snacking.

Time is running out on me. Good thing I work well under pressure. It stresses me out but I seem to make it work. 

I have in over 13,000 steps so far for today and 75 active minutes. Very little Zumba today but a lot of cardio. I did add in some arm weights for awhile and I did a mile on the elliptical.

How was your day?

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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