Day 314    My Struggle……..

I’m really loving all this hot weather we are having. It finally feels like summer. Tomorrow, if nothing happens I’m getting in the pool. I would have today ,but I had to go to town.

I had Zumba today so I’m over on steps with 94 active minutes. The last few classes attendance had been really low. I hope it’s not because of me. I hope it’s because it’s summer and they are just busy. I still get my workout in and have fun doing it!

Eating today has been okay. We had Taco Bell in town but I got two fresco tacos and splurged on one supreme. I didn’t have breakfast so I think I did good for 500 calories. I had cereal for dinner. Too hot to cook and I didn’t really have time before Zumba class. For my snacks, I had a serving of  frozen yogurt ,pretzel thins , and almonds. I’m a little hungry now so I need to find something less than 300 calories and low on sugar and fat to keep my nutrition numbers in check.

Hope you have a great evening!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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