Day 316  My Struggle……..

Got up feeling much better today! If you would like an alternative to pain medicine turmeric and valerian root really does help.

I have a craving for something but I’m not sure what. While it was raining I tried to get creative in the kitchen. I made some healthier no bake cookies. They were okay but not what I wanted. Then for some odd reason I decided to make the healthy edible cookie dough using white beans and protein powder. Don’t make it! It was edible but too healthy for me. I didn’t have any chocolate chips so my daughter and I split a Hershey bar and dipped it in the dough. Should’ve just ate the Hershey bar. I did make some chicken salad with lite mayo. I liked that pretty good.

I had Zumba tonight. My first class stayed for the second class. Nobody else came so I added some new music to change it up a little. I had a great time, I think they did too! I got in over 15,000 steps with 106 active Zumba minutes!

Today was a pretty good diet/exercise day! If only everyday could be.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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