Day 335  My Struggle……..

Thirty more days and I’ll be finished with blogging. I think sometimes I’ll miss it and other times I’m glad. It’s hard to talk about food and exercise everyday. Especially, if you have more bad days than good. 

Today has been a good one. I logged my food and it still says I’m on the right path to reaching my goal. I’m still having doubts though. My weight fluctuates up and down so much, I rarely have two days in a row where my weight is the same. I’m not talking about ounces either. I can go up or down 2 pounds in 24 hours. Which if frustrating when it keeps going up. 

I have over 20,000 steps for the day and 159 active minutes. Let’s hope the scale is in a good mood tomorrow. Today I weighed in at 155.2. That’s still ten pounds to lose. Just a couple days ago I was at 153.5. 

I know I can lose ten pounds by doing drastic dieting. To me that is still a fail because when you do that you gain it all back as soon as you eat normal. I’m just hoping that water weight is my downfall for the added two pounds. Like I always say “The Struggle is Real”.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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