Day 338    My Struggle………

This morning started off with taking the kids to school. I still can’t believe summer vacation is over.

I came home and napped. My body wasn’t ready for the change either. When I got up I cleaned house and did the laundry. Then it was time to go back and pick up the kids.

I try to always pray for my children. Sometimes more than once a day. I know God definitely heard and answered my prayers today. My oldest could of easily went over the bank this evening in her car. The power steering locked up on her. There is not a scratch on her and by looking at the car you can’t tell anything is wrong with it. God is so good!

My eating has been good today but I am still working on my steps. This weekend is going to be challenge because we are going to the lake. 

Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

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