Day 343   My Struggle………

No Zumba tonight. Which means I’m struggling to get my steps in. Looks like I’ll be doing the walking in circles around the couch till I do later.

I bit the bullet and weighed in today. I have 22 days to lose 8 pounds. That’s going to be a struggle.

My eating has been fine today. I’m staying in my calorie range. I go over on other things every now and then. Sometimes it’s sodium, sugar or fat that gets me. Yesterday it was all of them. I was under calories though. 

When you are the only one trying to eat right in the house it’s hard. Especially, if your on a budget. I always by groceries for everyone else first then myself. I live with red meat, potatoes and pasta people. The struggle is real! The protein drinks have been a big help this week. 

I keep trying to be the little engine that could but this hill feels like a mountain to climb. I haven’t given up yet! I still keep saying “I think I can!”

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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