Day 346    My Struggle……..

Today I wanted to get in the pool. I also had a lot laundry, cleaning, and cooking to do. It rained so I got everything done. So maybe it will be pretty tomorrow and I can go swimming after church since I’ve got everything done till Monday.

We have homecoming at church tomorrow. I’m so excited! The dinner after is going to be a struggle. I figured I’ll just have spoonfuls of things lol. I think regular food is about 50 calories a spoonful and if it’s a dessert 100 calories a spoonful.

I fixed turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and rolls today. I know it’s not thanksgiving but I sure was craving it. My son’s grill saved the day because our electric went out due to a tree falling on a pole somewhere. I used the grill to boil water and warm up the gravy. Thankfully the turkey was already done.

 I put my calories in before I ate so I wouldn’t go over. I had a protein drink for breakfast and it may be strange but a deviled egg and string cheese for lunch. 

I even have in over 14,000 steps with 78 active minutes. I did some walking in place while the girls and I watched a movie. 

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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