Day 361  My Struggle………

Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a nice day.  I went to church. It was a great service! I really needed the message I heard today. I’ve spent time with my children making memories. I only wish my husband didn’t have to work today so he too could of had a nice day. He also had to leave before I had brunch done.

I made breakfast for lunch after church. We’re always in a hurry Sunday morning so we usually wait to eat after we get home. I had almost all my carbs in one meal. It was actually my only big meal today. I pretty much just had snacks throughout the rest of the day. I had string cheese,  an apple with a smidge of light carmel dip, and a 1/2 pack of nature valley honey biscuits with unsweetened cashew milk.

I walked some with my youngest. Then I went on a ride to the top of the mountain with my son. I walked down while he rode beside me on the four wheeler. The scenery today was just beautiful. 

I almost have my steps in and I have 45 active minutes for the day. I think for a Sunday I’ve done good. Tomorrow-Thursday I’m going to be extra good when it comes to eating and exercising. Might not reach my goal but I’d like to come close at least.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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