Day 365   My Struggle……….

Last diet/exercise blog!I will give my results and post about what I’ve learned in a years time tomorrow.

I’ve done good for my last day. I’ve had protein shakes, boiled eggs, cheese, and iced coffee for a treat and the caffeine. 

I had Zumba today so I also have my steps in for the day. I’m in a step challenge so I am going to see how many I can get in before midnight.

The first part of my day was yucky. It rained off and on and it was so dreary. I ended up taking a nap. Then I cleaned house. Zumba was great tonight. Lots of energy and lots of fun. I just hope my energy decreases or I’m going to be up all night from all the energy lol.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!


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