Don’t Quit

I usually don’t jog until around march and quit in October. I don’t do well in cool or cold weather. Also I can’t hike to my happy place because it’s hunting season till end of January. I’m going to invest in hunter orange next yr lol So here I am not exercising and the sad part is I eat more. Then, I gain weight. I repeat this cycle every yr. You’d think I’d learn my lesson by now. Well, instead of excuses I layered up and went jogging. I was going to just jog a lap and walk one but today I was able to jog a mile. I’m so happy 😁 I really needed it. I have poor circulation this time of year do to laziness lol but I’m happy I got the blood pumping today! Hope everyone has a Blessed New Year! Don’t give up on your goals! If we keep trying we will make it eventually, but if you quit you’ll never make it.


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