How many of you watch the Hallmark channel? I love the Hallmark movies! Especially the ones at Christmas time. The movies are full of love, happiness, and happily ever afters.
Lives we all wish for only to find in fictitious characters.
I’m not saying there is anything wrong with having dreams. I want to know how far do we go before we decide something is unreachable.

I’m forty-six years old. When is it too old to dream of happiness that we see on television and read in books? I heard you’re never too old to dream. Is that true? If so, then what am I looking to find?
Let’s break down the things we look for and see if any, I have acquired.
First, how many frogs must you kiss before finding your prince?

Romantic movies don’t usually have more than two loves, then sometimes the first winds up being the second. Making it only one frog once again.
I would love to say there’s been only one frog I had to kiss, but this was not the case for me.
My heart had to break a few times before I found out what true love was.

There is always your first crush. It lasts maybe a week or so, and you’re just the happiest person thinking it’s going somewhere, but it’s not.

There was the high school sweetheart. The first love of your life seems to be the fairy tale dream, but you find out it was just your adolescent brain making you think things that were not true.

For me, I also had the rebound. The one that was going to fix your broken heart. Yeah, that never happens.
I also had a few dates here and there. None that lived up to the hype of being anywhere near a fairytale.

Finally, at the age of twenty-six, my love had come along.
However, no matter how much I looked, I’ve yet to find a movie that portrays our life. My Prince Charming is not like any I’ve seen in romantic movies or read in books.
If anything, I always felt we were more like the characters from Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle. Maybe, not how they live but attitudes somewhat.

The leading men in Hallmark movies and fairytales never make messes and not clean them up. They’re always perfectly groomed, and their hands are soft and clean. They wear the best clothes and don’t seem to mind going out to dinner all the time. Did I also mention they’re so romantic?
My prince has been these things a few times in our twenty years of marriage. I know I could make a two-hour movie filled with romance and perfection if I edited our life.

Would I want to do that? Take away from our life that made us who we are? Sometimes, what we thought should be on the cutting room floor is what made the movie. Then there are expectations, how high do they need to be? Higher than what we are planning on giving ourselves?

How can I expect the love of my life to be Prince Charming when I’m far from being a princess myself.
I have to say so far I do believe I’ve found my Prince and he’s perfect for me.

1 Peter 4:8
“And above all things have fervent charity among yourselves: for charity shall cover the multitude of sins.”

We might find ourselves looking at the fairytale and wondering why our spouse does not have the qualities of the “perfect person” as we just saw in a film or read about in a novel.

That’s because what we witnessed was perfection, and perfection only exists in fairytales.

There is no perfect marriage. There are bumps along the way. It’s how we deal with our problems that count.
We should deal with them by loving like Jesus. We must love our spouses unconditionally and be forgiving of their faults.
If we want happiness in our marriage and have our prince, then we must accept them for who they are and not someone we made up in our minds. You chose your prince for a reason. Go back and remember why this was the man you fell in love with and married.

We also need to remember that sometimes it’s our crown that needs to be adjusted. It’s not always the man’s fault if you feel like there’s a problem in your relationship.
So love like Jesus, forgive mistakes, and pray for your relationship.

Write down positive traits about your spouse and why you are thankful for them in your life.

Write down what these verses mean to you.

I hope you enjoyed my first chapter! Have a Blessed Day!

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