Rachel Huddleston


When younger, little girls find themselves dreaming of Prince Charming and finding a fairytale life to call their own.
At a young age, our eyes, brain, and heart are full with a notion that love is so romantic and life is complete bliss after finding such romance.
Fairytales are not the only thing we witness showing this type of unrealistic way of life. Within thirty minutes to as long as two hours, we have been mesmerized and left wondering why my life is not like the one I have just seen or read in a book.
Unfortunately, most will find that a fairytale is just that an unreachable dream.
I am one of those that found early on that those kinds of dreams don’t come true. Or do they?

Okay, that was a preview of what’s to come! I hope it makes you want to come back and read more!

Have a Blessed Day!

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