Psalm 16:8 King James Version

8 I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.

Today being the last day of spring, I took a walk to my happy place. This year has been more stressful than anything I went through last year. I needed some peace and tranquility, and no other than my happy place would do.

I haven’t been writing a lot; I’ve been doing one of my other favorite things, which is taking pictures. I found it is a good stress reliever.

Now for the reason for this post. I feel like God has given me a short lesson in life today. The last lesson he gave me was don’t stop praying. Don’t give up!

This evening I feel like he let me know if I keep my feet planted and stay focused, life would be okay. Do not get disheartened or distracted by others or the bad things that are going on. If you stay where God wants you, then everything will work out and get better.

We know this to be confirmed by reading the Bible but let me tell you why I feel God told me this personally.

Picture it Sicily 2021 lol just kidding when I started up the mountain; I thought I was taking a picture of a small black butterfly. When I looked closer and focused and zoomed in, it was a black-winged jeweled dragonfly. Then a little farther, there was a small bird that kept chirping. It seemed to be a regular bird till zooming in, and it was a little blue bunting. I think that was the beginning of God saying stay focused on me. I zoomed in and the pictures were amazing. If I took a picture of everything it would just be one of those pages in a hidden picture book. Trying to find different items, not knowing sure where it is, and when you do, it’s not that great. Staying focused on Jesus keeps you from random searching for things that are not worth the time you wasted looking. With Jesus, you keep your eyes on him and what he leads you to is always something perfect just for you.

So, we need to keep our eyes on the Lord so close that we only see him and not everything else. Take our mind off all life problems and things we can’t control. When you take a picture, there should always be a primary object that your eye focuses on. If you don’t focus on something in your photos, when people see your pictures, their eyes will be all over the place and not even know what they are supposed to be looking at. If we don’t stay focused on God, we will put unnecessary stress and problems in our life.

There is another part to this story. When I almost reached the top of the mountain, I saw an iridescent cloud (also known as Rainbow Cloud); it was like God said, keep coming this way. I got distracted by a little yellow moth, and then the wind came out of nowhere, and I was like, okay, the moth isn’t worth this. I kept going, and then I saw a female elk, and she stopped and looked at me. I was able to turn my camera on, focus it and get a great shot. Then when I got my picture, she went on top of the hill, and I still took photos by zooming in on her. She kept her eye on me the whole time I was there.

It was just amazing and a blessing for me to get to see an elk that close. I’ve seen elk four-wheeling, but it’s a different experience to see one up close and be on foot.

If I took my eye off the rainbow cloud much longer and focused on a tiny yellow moth which would have been a mediocre picture, I would of lost out on seeing the elk and getting a great photo.

That’s why we must keep our eyes on God and not be moved by anything because nothing in the world will ever compare to what God has for us.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!

God Bless you ♥️

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