January 9th 2021

It’s been a few days since I blogged. I’m blogging today because today was a little harder to be cheerful and optimistic. Nothing wrong it’s just raining and yucky outside, and I woke up with some aches and pains from arthritis, probably due to the rain.

I figured I needed more of a reminder on finding something good about today than I have the last few days. The last few days have been great. It’s been cold, and there was snow on the ground, but I managed to get outside and walk and take pictures and do a lot of praying.

I spent time with my husband and children, and life has been good. Isn’t it funny how life feels good, and then you wake up one day, and you can’t quite put your finger on why you are so moody and not sure how to fix it?

That was me today. I think days that are too relaxing seem depressing. It’s like I have no idea how to enjoy doing nothing. I know it sounds crazy. If it hadn’t rained all day, maybe today would have been better. Perhaps I would have got to spend time outside. That’s the only difference between today and the last few days is I didn’t get to go out. So then it seems the weather is the cause of my moodiness.

So that’s the reason for blogging today. I need to find my silver lining. Find my good in a day that seems blah.

Instead of being sad about not having a lot to do, I need to appreciate having peace and quiet. I should be glad I have time to relax and unwind.

I’m going to turn this frown upside down and be grateful for this evening. I’ll either go catch up on reading my book, watch a movie or play a game if my family is willing.

Have a nice evening and God Bless!

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