Walking the dog, An Adventure or Workout

My dog Bear is a Great Pyrenees. He’s about seven. We had him on a shock collar but he got where he couldn’t hear it over vehicles and take off after tires ,four wheelers, anything really loud. Don’t worry he didn’t feel the shock due to fur. The noise is what he always went by.

Then we left him loose and if you know the breed they like to make a large circle. He always came home and that was good until he started harassing neighbors lol. Most people fear him because of his size and bark but he’s just a big baby.

Our next thing is trying to get a long cable put up. Hopefully, he won’t break it.

I thought it was time to leash train him. I tried yrs ago but it didn’t work well. I got leash burn. This time I bought a two handle padded leash.

Today, we tried it out. It was a bit of a struggle due to him wanting to run. I managed to keep a hold of him. He actually let me for the most part. He jumped on me a few times but not with full force or I’d been on the ground. He’s taller than I ham when he’s on two legs. He really is a gentle giant.

I just had muddy paw prints all over me by time I got home lol.

I know this dog could of got away if he really wanted to and there was a few times I had to hold on and pull back to keep from being dragged. I took treats to give him when he was being good and listening. Then our trip ended in a small adventure lol. My workout today ended up being walking the dog. The cardio version would be jogging down the hill due to the fact I had my cat follow me halfway up the mountain. Then I see two dogs (thankfully, my dog didn’t see or hear one growl) because he’s a little older and slower than he used to be. I hollered NO twice they turned and went the other way and I slowly turned to go home. Trying not to show fear until I couldn’t see them anymore. Then I decided we should jogged our butts home. While my dog and cat remained clueless lol 😂 I should mention he did great jogging down the mountain!

Need a workout? I suggest get a big dog or walk someone’s for them lol.

My Fitbit registered it as a elliptical workout and I burned 352 calories 😊

Thanks for reading and God Bless!