My Struggle is Real……..Results!

One year ago from today ,I set out to prove to myself I could lose weight. I blogged everyday to help me stay accountable. I barely got any sleep last night thinking of everything I wanted to go over that I learned. 

First, I learned that the older you get the wiser you get. You also get more determined to conquer whatever you set out to do. This has something to do with the fact I seem to care less about what other people may think about me. Don’t get me wrong I still get upset if people don’t like me for no reason. It’s my life, my journey and if I’m not doing anything that interferes with my walk with Jesus or hurting anyone then I’m good to go.

 What did I actually set out to do? I set out to stop losing and gaining the same pounds over and over. I set out to be the strongest person I could be. I know age is just a number but my number last year was 42 and I felt 62. I’m 43 this year and sometimes I feel 43 and sometimes I feel 63. Today, I feel older due to the rain causing me pain. Don’t know how it does it but it really makes my body ache. I take vitamins to help conquer what aging throws at me. Turmeric and Fish oil do help. 

Life is what you make of it. If you say you can’t do something. Then you never will. I’ve learned instead of saying can’t you should say won’t. I won’t do a lot of things because I lack the desire. I can do anything I set out to do. I might not do them perfectly but I’ll do them. Trying and failing to do things is still an accomplishment because you went from not doing something to doing it the best way you could.

I’ve learned exercising is important. I also learned if I don’t like something ,I’m not going to do it for long. I tried jogging. I met my goal to jog three miles straight. But, after awhile it bored me. I started feeling like I was in a hamster wheel. I will still jog when the mood hits. I tried walking up the mountain. I actually love this but I can’t do it year around. I’m afraid of snakes in the summer. During hunting season I’d rather not take chances on being mistaken for a deer and then there’s the fear of freezing before reaching the top in the winter. So, what’s left I can do? I like to dance! I’m not great at it but I’ve always had a place in my heart to do it. The right music and I can burn them calories up. I love 80s music and now Latin music thanks to Zumba. I still sometimes can’t believe I went and got certified to teach Zumba. It took me awhile but I found the cardio for me. That’s what everyone needs to do. Find the cardio that works for them. I’m still working on stretching and doing weights. They are important but I do neglect them more than I should.

I’ve learned no matter how much I exercise if I don’t eat right I’m going to maintain my weight or worse, gain! The one thing I’ve tried to do this year is track my food and stay active for 30 minutes doing something if it was just walking in place. It’s not about dieting it’s about knowing what you’re consuming and how it will affect your health. 

I guess by now you want to know if I met my goal. I started off weighing 177 pounds. I weighed in this morning knowing I was not going to reach my goal of 145. Here are my results!

I was totally shocked. It’s actually a little under my goal. I thought for sure I’d be about two pounds away. I had a blog prepared about not reaching my goal. I met my goal barely. I have to admit that if I didn’t go low carb for the last few days ,I would not have reached my goal. It was extremely hard too. I love carbs! One day I had 88 carbs and the two other days I did about 50. The weird thing is my fat totals were over by 12 grams one day and 17 another. I guess my body can process fat but when it comes to carbs, sugar, and sodium it has a harder time. Everyone’s body is different. My advice is find what works for you. I won’t be doing low carb everyday but I think I’m going to try to stay in the 75-100 goal most days. I really like not waking up bloated. Also, if my carbs are lower my sugar and sodium are good too. 

My goal for the future is to maintain my weight and I wouldn’t mind if I lost ten more pounds. I realized I could’ve lost more weight but I also would have missed out on birthday cakes, lunch dates with my children, dinner with my family, social gatherings, and holiday treats and feasts. I never deprived myself during my diet. Except for the last three days! I didn’t want to diet. I wanted to be able to enjoy food in moderation no matter what it was. I won’t give up eating the foods I love. I might not eat as much of them but that just makes them more special when I do.  I can’t wait for dinner tonight because it’s spaghetti night. I think the statement ” it’s not what you eat but how much you eat” is very true. The only thing I gave up was diet pop. That was very hard to do and I still get cravings. It really did cause me to have more inflammation and pain in my body. I now drink Coke Life one to two times a week. 

I’m stronger than I was a year ago. I plan to get stronger and better every year. I always tell my husband I’m going to be like fine wine and get better with age. They say wine does anyway, I don’t drink so I’m not sure. I want to find new ways to be healthier and happier. Thanks to doing this, I now have clothes that are too loose and just right. No more too small. What really surprised me through all this. I was the only one who cared how big I was. My family still can’t believe I lost that much weight. They didn’t know I was overweight. They didn’t see my size they just saw me. They loved me for who I was not my looks. I think that is so sweet. It also proves you can’t lose weight for others you can only do it for yourself. You are the one that knows if you need to improve your health. You are the only one who will be putting in the work. It’s all up to you. The Struggle is a Real, but so worth it!

Start your journey today! Don’t wait to be the person you want to be. If you don’t want to blog to the world, start a daily journal. I also highly recommend the fitness pal app and a device to track your steps. It really made a difference for me.

Thanks to all who read, commented, and followed my blog! I hope this helps at least one person. 

I hope you have a great life!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Here are my before and after pictures! No judgement please lol


 chest started off at 42 inches ,now 38.5

Arms L 13-now 11.5 R 13.5 now 12 inches

Waist was 41.5 inches, now 37.5 

L Thigh was 25.5 now 22

R Thigh was 26 now 22.5

17.5 inches lost combined 

Day 365   My Struggle……….

Last diet/exercise blog!I will give my results and post about what I’ve learned in a years time tomorrow.

I’ve done good for my last day. I’ve had protein shakes, boiled eggs, cheese, and iced coffee for a treat and the caffeine. 

I had Zumba today so I also have my steps in for the day. I’m in a step challenge so I am going to see how many I can get in before midnight.

The first part of my day was yucky. It rained off and on and it was so dreary. I ended up taking a nap. Then I cleaned house. Zumba was great tonight. Lots of energy and lots of fun. I just hope my energy decreases or I’m going to be up all night from all the energy lol.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 364  My Struggle……….

My struggle today is getting in my steps. I have half of them in. I’m getting ready to go to church so the other half will have to wait. Maybe I’ll get them in later while watching TV.

I’ve been so tired today. I met my oldest this morning for coffee. We ended up going to the bookstore to get drinks because the Starbucks on campus was out of everything. I settled for water.

I’ve tallied up all my food for the day. I did pretty good. My fat grams are a little higher than I wanted. I figured out if my carbs ,sodium, and sugar are great my fat is over. I don’t believe I’ll ever have everything perfect in one day. So, I’m just trying to find a happy medium.

I better go finish getting ready! Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 361  My Struggle………

Happy Sunday!

I’ve had a nice day.  I went to church. It was a great service! I really needed the message I heard today. I’ve spent time with my children making memories. I only wish my husband didn’t have to work today so he too could of had a nice day. He also had to leave before I had brunch done.

I made breakfast for lunch after church. We’re always in a hurry Sunday morning so we usually wait to eat after we get home. I had almost all my carbs in one meal. It was actually my only big meal today. I pretty much just had snacks throughout the rest of the day. I had string cheese,  an apple with a smidge of light carmel dip, and a 1/2 pack of nature valley honey biscuits with unsweetened cashew milk.

I walked some with my youngest. Then I went on a ride to the top of the mountain with my son. I walked down while he rode beside me on the four wheeler. The scenery today was just beautiful. 

I almost have my steps in and I have 45 active minutes for the day. I think for a Sunday I’ve done good. Tomorrow-Thursday I’m going to be extra good when it comes to eating and exercising. Might not reach my goal but I’d like to come close at least.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 357   My Struggle………. 

Yesterday was such a good day I should of knew today would be a challenge. Thankfully, it’s about over. I went to bed early last night. I was thinking I’ll feel good in the morning. Nope not a chance. I have been tired and achy all day.

I hit my head on a metal pole outside. No injury just a sore head. Then my car battery died at the school house while in line to pick up my kids. My friends husband jumped my car and it’s been fine since. 

I had Youth Night at church tonight. It went good and I was feeling better by then. I’m just really wore out and I have a headache. I need to get at least 4000 more steps in but I’m not feeling it. 

My eating has been okay. Still plenty of room for improvement.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 354     My Struggle………

Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend. I feel much more relaxed. So, my plan worked out.

I went to church this morning and came home and slept for two hours. I didn’t know I was so tired. I guess instead of a relaxing day it was more on the lazy side.

I’ve done good eating today. Not so good on exercise. That’s why I’m walking in place while writing this blog. 

I decided to go ahead and do laundry tonight. That way I can enjoy tomorrow with my kids. I’m making cupcakes tomorrow to celebrate the eclipse. To decorate I’m going to make moon phases out of oreos. Not making a big deal about the eclipse. Just happy to have my kids home with me for it. Which where we live we’ll be lucky to see a partial eclipse.

Hope you have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!

Day 353  My Struggle………

Yesterday, I decided to have a relaxing day. I’m not sure if I know how to do that. I wasn’t stressed so I guess that means I was relaxed. 

I got up straightened the house, cleaned a little, and put on a roast for dinner. I know I didn’t want to clean today but I have to do some everyday or I’m stressed from the mess. Then there will be no way for me to relax. 

I did get in the pool today. I got in and cleaned it pretty much the whole time I was in there. We haven’t been in it since school started so there was lots of bugs and dirt to remove. When I finished and thought about enjoying it ,a horsefly decided to join us. He would not leave me or my youngest alone. We decided to get out before we got bit.

I’m definitely going to spend the rest of the evening relaxing. It’s only 8pm so I think I can be lazy the rest of the night. I’m going to try to anyhow. Except, I haven’t got in all my steps. The walking in the pool doesn’t count because I had to take my Fitbit off. I guess I will have to walk in the house till I get them in.

My eating has been 50/50 today. Half good and half bad. 

Life is a struggle. I struggle when I have too much to do. I struggle when I’m trying not to do too much. Though my day sounded pretty crazy, it’s been a good day.  I like getting things done during the day then I can spend my evening doing nothing. Even, if my nothing is really something. 

Least I don’t have to cook tomorrow! Leftovers are awesome.

Have a great night!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!