Happy New Year!

Well, it been four months since I last blogged.

I thought for sure a yr of blogging about dieting and exercising was enough.

Then I learned my life didn’t stop, just my writing. Writing that seemed to help me if no one else.

I reached my weight goal and I thought everything would be easy from there.

That was my first mistake. I’m so happy 2017 is behind me. It was a very hard year. It was so rough that I am having a hard time to remember the good things that happened.

I know there was many blessings but my eyes are blinded by the bad. So much sickness, loss of loved ones, and everything seemed to keep falling apart causing more financial strain.

This lead me to gain ten pounds. Actually, too much eating caused the ten pounds. However, stress leads me to make bad eating choices.

I am not going to be doing a diet/exercise blog this year. I’m going to just blog when I feel like it. I also just want to blog because it helps me see things a little more clearer. I do know that I want to blog about happy things because I don’t want this year to end with me thinking I’m so glad it’s over. I want to end it thinking I hope next year is great too.

So, here’s to the best year ever! May God Bless Us Everyone!


Day 123 ┬áMy Struggle……..

So, how is the New Year treating you?

I didn’t really make resolutions because I always break them. I just want this year to be better than last year. I want to be better at, praying,exercising, eating, and learning to enjoy life no matter what comes at me!

There is only one way to accomplish these things. Give it all to Jesus! So if I let Jesus control my year than it will be great! 

My day started by going to church. What better way to start the New Year. 

I came home and made a pot of beans. Now many are making black eyed peas but I’m the only one who would eat them in this house. So it’s pinto beans here. 

After putting dinner on I made lunch. I love salami and cheese so today I made salami and cream cheese rolls. I made five roll ups. Five pieces of salami is a serving and one serving of cream cheese. With two slices of dill pickles on the side. The calorie total only 230.

My splurge for today was a lemon poppy seed muffin. I have tallied up all my food and have 400 left for the day! 

I have over 12,000 steps in and 75 active minutes today. I also got in my steps last night five minutes before midnight. 

So I’m happy with the yr. so far!

Thanks so much for reading and God Bless!!